Julien Widmer is a freelance film director based in Paris. He also works on other projects as photographer, graphic designer and music composer.

As director, Julien has shot more than one hundred films around the world : shorts films, music videos, "BLEUS" an award winning documentary around the French soccer team, and mostly, TV commercials. He loves dynamic films, strong visuals, with the will to keep an emotional and authentic feel to the storytelling. He adapts his team depending the need of each project : from a full team setup for classic shootings, he can also work in a small team mode with his A-team. Julien is a hard worker and thinks like a craftman. He like to experiment and custom gears to get the shot. That's how he designs, for example, a unique First-Person-Shooting system.
In TV commercials, Julien have a strong experience in shooting films for cars and bikes brands. As a sport lover, he also have a serious background shooting sports, outdoor and travel. With mountain for second home, and practicing snowboard, ski, trekking or kitesurf, Julien would directs efficiently all your outdoor lifestyle, sports or even your ski shooting. In Paris, he practice running, martial arts and thai boxing, probably his secret tip to push the limits on ambitious projects. His love for hip hop culture, music, and his curiosity for art and fashion, makes him loving to portrait the street culture, or any lifestyle, with a mix of style, emotion and authenticity.

Here, you will find a short selection of his work as director for TV commercials and some photos projects.


They already join the power of the force. Shortlist.

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Julien captures their soul with his camera. Shortlist.

Zinedine Zidane

G.O.A.T of Soccer
world champion

Teddy Riner

G.O.A.T of Judo
10x world champion
3x olympic champion

Martin Fourcade

G.O.A.T of Biathlon
13x world champion
5x olympic champion

Alexis Pinturault

Pro Skier
global world champion

Nikola Karabatic

G.O.A.T of Handball
3x world champion

Nicolas Batum

Basketball player
NBA player & France captain

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

Tennis player
#5 ATP ranking

Raul Rodriguez

G.O.A.T of Acro Paragliding
5x world champion

Valentin Delluc

G.O.A.T of Speedriding
word champ. Redbull team

Tancrede Mellet

former of Flying frenchies

Aimé Jacquet

France team soccer coach
world champion

Michel Hidalgo

France team soccer player
France team soccer coach

Laurent Blanc

soccer legend
world champion

Yoann Gourcuff

Soccer player
France team

Adil Rami

France team soccer player
world Champion

Philippe Mexes

Soccer player
France team

Christophe Dugarry

France team soccer player
world champion

Brahim Asloum

olympic champion

Joey Starr

Rapper legend, Actor
former of rap band NTM

Kool Shen

Rapper legend
former of rap band NTM


Rapper legend
former of rap band IAM


French rapper
Saian Supa Crew


French rapper
Hit collector

Omar Sy


Ramzy Bedia

Actor, Humorist
Former of Eric & Ramzy

Thomas N'Gigol



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